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  • Absolutely the best, most friendly docs in town. Have repeatedly taken care of all my pets, even on short notice. You can feel their love of what they do there.

    Kristi Marburger

  • I've moved to Houston but had to share my love of this vet. If they were only a couple of hours away I'd still visit. They saved the life of one of my dogs after she was attacked by boxers. I had another puppy that needed surgery and was done in the evening on a holiday. He didn't pull through, but to my surprise I wasn't charged for the overtime or surgery just the medication. They saved me thousands of dollars when I was depressed over losing my puppy. I also had another issue when one of my dachshunds caught kennel cough from a friend's dog. They immediately took him to the back to make sure his airway was secure, I didn't even have an appointment they just looked at him and rushed us both to the back, saving his life. If you can get into this vet do it. Edit- If you can get Dr Morgan, he's amazing

    T M

  • 4.5 Google Rating