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Shannon Animal Hospital Boarding Policy

Thank you for choosing our clinic, we strive to provide quality boarding and give each pet individual love and attention during their stay. While staying with us, your pet will be under the care of our kennel tech.


VACCINATION: Dogs – DAPPL, Rabies, Bordetella. Cats – FVRCP, FELV, Rabies.

All pets must be current on their vaccinations before admission, it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that proof of current vaccines is on file with our hospital. If vaccinations have been administered at another veterinary hospital, please have a copy before admission. If they are not current, vaccines will be given by doctor, and it will be done at owner’s expense.

Internal/External Parasites: All pets must be free of internal/external parasites (worms, fleas, and ticks). If any parasites are found, the pet will be treated accordingly. All treatment will be charged to the clients at regular rates.

Medical Illness policy: Medial attention is readily available for your boarding pets. If your pets require medical attention, we will call the emergency contact number that is provided at admission. If we are unable to contact anyone, your pet will be treated as we deem necessary, at normal hospital rates. Occasionally pets may develop problems from environmental and dietary changes. We take great care to prevent such conditions and we treat our boarding pets promptly, if required. Please be aware and understand that these conditions can develop, and that the hospital is not financially responsible for these inherent conditions if they occur.

Personal Belongings: Leaving personal belongings for your pet, i.e., toys, blankets, bedding, etc., is allowed. Everything must be labeled! The facility is not responsible for any items damaged or soiled!

RATES and PAYMENTS: Other services provided to your pets during boarding are charged at regular rates. Payment in full is expected when your pet is discharged! A deposit is required for extended boarding (more than 2 weeks). Boarding is charged by the number of nights stayed and charges are updated at closing time.

Boarding picks up or drop off: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 11:30am – 2:30pm– 5:30pm. Saturday 9:00am – 11:30pm