Our Practice

We at Shannon Animal Hospital take pride in the fact that our customers choose our clinic over many others. Most of our staff have been at the clinic for several years and have developed friendships with our clients. Our clinic is not a fancy clinic but we believe that we make up for that by providing dependable and affordable healthcare for our clients. Our clinic is set up with examination rooms, a digital x-ray room, a surgery room, an area for teeth cleaning, and an area for grooming. We also provide boarding for your pet. Our staff strives to treat each of the pets at our clinic as if it was our own. We have a Registered Veterinary Technician that assists with surgeries. Services offered include boarding, basic pet grooming, pet healthcare ranging from standard procedures to surgeries, full-service animal hospital, pharmacy, and dentistry.

  • Dr. Greg Adkins


    Dr. Greg Adkins worked for Dr. Shannon during high school. He purchased the clinic from him right out of vet school in 1980 and decided to keep the clinic’s name. At that time, ClayDesta had not been built and he can tell you stories about how sand blew into the clinic during its construction. Dr. Adkins has a son, Russell, who has two children as well as a stepson, Tim, who has three children. One of his big projects now is managing some ranchland near Coleman that his dad passed on to him. Dr. Adkins collects cactus and grows his own hot peppers.

  • Dr. Morgan Brown


    Dr. Morgan Brown worked for Dr. Shannon in high school. His first day on the job, he met Greg (Dr. Adkins) who was just leaving for college. You can imagine how surprised he was when Greg turned out to be his best friend’s roommate at Texas A&M! And so, when he graduated from vet school in 1982, it was natural for him to take a look at working for Dr. Adkins. They became partners in 1984 and have been blessed with some common interests and philosophy. Dr. Brown enjoys camping and fishing. He and his wife, Linda, have two sons.

  • Monique

    Hospital Manager

    Monique has been with Shannon Animal Hospital since 2007. She has three children and two grandsons that she enjoys spending time with. Besides her love of animals, she enjoys travel!

  • Sue

    Client Services Manager

    There are very few businesses that have the good fortune of having an employee around as long as we have had Sue. She has been with the clinic since 1981 which tells you that she knows the ins and outs of Shannon Animal Hospital. She started reception work at the clinic as a way to get her cats spayed. Sue has been an anchor for us at the reception desk. She and her husband, Joe, have a son and a daughter living in Midland.

  • Rachel


    Rachel takes care of our cat ward and does a large part of our dental cleanings. She has taken several veterinary technician courses at Midland College. She enjoys bike riding and her seven dachshunds. She has two amazing children, Arwen and Ethan.

  • Liz


    Elizabeth (Liz) has been with us since 2005. She is originally from Lamesa. She worked for Midland Memorial Hospital’s surgery unit for ten years before applying to work for us. At the time, she thought she was going to interview for work at a private M.D.’s office. We are glad she came on in for the interview. She has been a receptionist for us since 2004. She and her husband, Toni, have one daughter, Rebecca.

  • Stephanie


    Stephanie joined us in 2014. Her bilingual skills help us at the reception desk. She is one of the few employees we have that does not own a half dozen dogs or cats. The need to having something demanding her attention is well met, however, as she is called “Mom” by over a dozen children and is an active grandmother and aunt to many more. For two years, she co-owned Boomer’s.

  • Raquel


    Raquel is as cross-trained as anyone at our clinic. She primarily does reception work and dental cleaning but can fill in almost anywhere we need her. She is also bilingual. Raquel has one daughter, Ciel. She also has a pack of dogs following her around.